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The New Mexico Palomino Exhibitors Association
is the state affiliate of the Palomino Horse Breeders of America (PHBA). NMPEA was formed in 1947 to promote Palomino Horses in the State of New Mexico

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July 2017 Update

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JUNE 3, 2017 - Valencia County Fairgrounds Horseman's Arena, Belen
• Double Judged / Single Day
• Hosted by Pinto Horse Association of NM
• Offering
  –   Palomino Classes for Open, Amateur (including Amateur Walk/Trot Classes), Youth and Youth Walk/Trot Age 5–9
  –   Open Palomino Bred Classes
  –   Pinto Classes for Open, Amateur and Youth
  –   Solid Bred Pinto Open Classes
  –   All–breed Classes for Open and Youth (including adult and amateur walk/trot classes)
• High Point Awards in All Divisions


AUGUST 19-20, 2017 – Wright's Arena, Stanley
• Triple Judged / Split / Combined Format
• Co-Hosted by NM Palomino Exhibitors, NM Paint Horse Club and Pinto Horse Club of NM
• Offering
  –   Palomino Classes for Open, Amateur (including Amateur Walk/Trot Classes), Youth and Youth Walk/Trot Age 5–9
  –   Palomino Bred Classes for Open, Amateur and Youth
  –   Paint Classes for Open, Amateur, Novice Amateur, Amateur Walk/Trot, Youth and Youth Walk/Trot age 5–10
  –   Solid Bred Paint Classes for Open, Amateur and Youth
  –   Pinto Classes for Open, Amateur, Amateur Walk/Trot, and Youth
  –   Solid Pinto Classes
  –   All-breed Classes for Open, Amateur, and Youth (including numerous walk/trot classes)
  –   Ranch Horse Challenge
• High Point Awards in All Divisions
• Friday evening exhibitor get-together


SEPTEMBER 16-17, 2017 (tentative dates)
EXPO NM Horse Arena, Albuquerque
• Double Judged / Split Combined Format
• Concurrent with AQHA show

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PHBA registration and transfer special:
PHBA is reducing registration and transfer fees from January 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017 (postmark date). Current membership is required when registering or transferring ownership of a horse. The registration special is for any age horse and includes palomino bred and color & conformation registry (horses not registered with another Breed Assoc. that PHBA recognizes, gelding and spayed mares only). Registration Fee: $50 plus membership. Transfer Fee: $20 plus membership. More information and forms available online at

Palomino Bred Horses (with at least one PHBA registered palomino parent and that didn't inherit the gold coat or is gold but has excessive white) can be registered and show in Palomino Bred classes at sanctioned PHBA shows. The PHBA registration special applies to these horses. Palomino Bred registration form and requirements can be found on the PHBA website.

NMPEA invites you to join us and reminds you that
•You can join PHBA and NMPEA at a PHBA sanctioned show
•PHBA horses (Palomino & Palomino Bred) can be registered at a PHBA sanctioned show with completed application, photos, and appropriate fees.
• PHBA youth exhibitors DO NOT have to own the horse to exhibit in PHBA classes. The youth and the owner must be paid members of PHBA.
•To be eligible for NMPEA yearend awards, the horse and/or horse and rider team (for youth and amateur) must be enrolled and appropriate fees paid. Enrollments start at $5.00. Exhibitors and owners do not have to be residents of NM to compete for NMPEA awards.

2017 show season is underway!!
November 1, 2016 through October 31, 2017
Enroll your horse in the NMPEA yearend awards program before your first show and start earning points towards yearend awards! Points can be earned in PHBA approved classes (palomino and palomino bred) and up to six non-sanctioned shows held in NM (such as Quarter Horse Shows, Hunter/Jumper Events, 4-H Shows, All-Breed Shows and more). Only points from shows held in NM count towards the NMPEA yearend awards; but horses, exhibitors and owners need not reside in NM. Check your PHBA membership card to make sure your NM affiliate membership is current (NMPEA affiliate memberships are available if you live outside NM). See complete yearend award rules or summary listed on the enrollment form. NMPEA also awards a participation award at our year end banquet. Each entry in a PHBA sanctioned class offered in NM enters NMPEA members in a drawing for the participation award.

NMPEA Year End Awards Program Enrollment Checklist
• Complete enrollment form
• Mail or email form (and mail fee) to point keeper prior to the first show date you will be using towards yearend awards; NMPEA, c/o Ron Morris, PO Box 908, Belen, NM 87002, e-mail - (or enrollment can be made at a NMPEA sponsored show prior to showing)
• $5.00 enrollment fee per horse (for open) or per horse/exhibitor (for amateur and/or youth)
• Copy(ies) of current PHBA membership card(s) for exhibitor(s) and owner(s)
• Copy of horse's PHBA registration papers

Show Report Card Checklist
• Mail or email report cards (or acceptable substitute) to point keeper no more than 30 days after the end of show or event (or by November 15th if show is October 15th or later).
• Copy of show premium (class list)

We extend a special thank you to our 2017 sponsors and volunteers:
Onate Feed, Albuquerque South Valley,
Old Mill Farm & Ranch Supply, Los Chavez, Belen and Moriarty, 505-865-5432
Paul's Veterinary Supply, Albuquerque, 505-341-9401
Dan's Boots and Saddles, Albuquerque North Valley,
Sierra Cleaners, Belen, 505-864-5934
Susan Blakely, New Jersey
Carmen O'Donnell, Alabama
Sharon & Marcus McClain, Santa Fe
Ron Morris & Berniece Zielke, Belen,
Barbara Quintana, Albuquerque
Mariah Montoya
Lillian Creel, Albuquerque
Kay Coen, Espanola
Tanya Dodds, Albuquerque
Nancy Grice, Veguita
Wayne & Cathy Rae Justus, Colorado,

2017 Officers and Board Members:
President – Ron Morris, email –, phone (505) 417-6167
Vice-President – Nancy Grice, email –
Secretary – Marcus McClain, email –
Treasurer – Berniece Zielke, email –

Board Members:
Donna Fowler
Tanya Dodds,email – jtquarterhorses.tanya@gmail.comm

We look forward to seeing you at our shows in 2017! Bring your palomino, palomino bred, paint, pinto and/or all breed horses and friends for some friendly competition.

Ron Morris
NMPEA President
PO Box 908
Belen, NM 87002
(505) 417-6167
email –

NMPEA is organized for the purpose of
exhibiting, promoting, stimulating interest
and providing means for improving
the Palomino Horse and
further the interest of its members
through cooperation and collaboration with the
Palomino Horse Breeders of America, Inc. (PHBA). NMPEA shall also encourage publicity and sale of the Palomino Horse Breed.